What Happened To Singlesnet?

What do you know about Singlesnet? I recently met with someone talking about various dating sites, he asked me a simple question, what happened to Singlesnet? I didn’t even know how to respond because I knew nothing about the site. Soon I found myself digging around looking for anything I could find about the site. So I decided to finally write this review on what I know…

Have you ever come across a site and expected something incredible, only to be completely let down? That’s what happened to me with many sites and that’s why I did so much digging here on Singlesnet.com. I thought it was a good place to meet singles to hookup! That said, welcome to my review of Singlesnet.com site.


singlesnet review

So Here’s What Happened To Singlesnet and My Complete Review…

The good news is that it’s not exactly a scam. The bad news is that there is no SinglesNet.com. When you visit this URL, you are redirected to Match.com, a site similar to eHarmony. It went away years ago and has been a landing page for Match.com ever since. So, technically this review is a review of Match.com. Although, Match.com isn’t exactly a legit site. They have some real users, but they still use questionable practices.

Detailed Review

You may have some success, but it’s not as easy as they would lead you to believe. Like many dating sites, Match.com has computer-generated profiles that are fake in order to make people think that there are more hot dating prospects in their area than there are.

There is also another misleading thing they do which is similar to many scam sites. They have computer-generated messages that are sent to you to make you think that women are contacting you for a date. Their responses are automated and they are put there by Match.com to prompt you to pay for a membership.

Another thing that you should keep in mind about Match.com is that they use and replicate your personal data. They assume the right to take your personal information and duplicate it so it can be used as fake profiles in other parts of the network. They also sell your information to other dating sites so they can use it for the same purpose.

The Girls Online

The caliber of girls you find at Match.com really depends on how good you are at spotting the fake profiles, how you present yourself, and how much luck you have with the ladies. Most of the really hot girls I found were fake profiles. There were a lot of older ladies who I had no luck with at all.

I talked to a couple of hot girls who actually seemed real, but things kind of fizzled out. I continue to correspond with a couple of other girls who are average looking. Time will tell if it amounts to anything worthwhile.

Bottom line is that you can definitely find some hot girls on Match.com, but you have to wade through some fake ones and not so hot ones before you get to the cream of the crop. At least you have a chance on this site. That’s more than you can say for many of the scam sites I have found.

The Emails and Messaging

I got quite a few messages in the first couple of days of being on Match.com. I know what to look for with fake messages, so I was able to sift through the BS fairly easily. I ended up exchanging messages with three different ladies.

Two of them were just okay and the other was just plain hot. Nothing has really panned out yet, but I’m trying to remain optimistic. Judging by my minimal success so far, it’s not really worth the price and having to sift through a bunch of fake profiles.

Terms And Conditions

One thing that you have to be careful about with Match.com’s “terms and conditions” is that they automatically renew your subscription and charge your card without notifying you.

They make you think that you pay for a subscription once for the amount of time that you select. The truth is; they charge your card automatically until you log in and tell them to stop. Many people are scammed by this and get charged before they realize it.

By then it’s too late. If you complain about it, there is nothing you can do because they put it in the fine print. They admit to generating fake profiles in their fine print as well, so always read it.

Singlesnet Free Trial

I love a free trial and I’m glad to confirm that there is one trial option for those looking to dip their toes in the water without paying full price.

You’ll end up spending a lot of money on this membership and it’s most likely not going to be the best choice for those looking for a fling, but it’s a start.

So, Is Singlesnet.com Isn’t Worth Joining

If you’re thinking joining Singlesnet.com is still a good idea even though the site literally doesn’t exist, then I think you need explicit guidance.

Based on everything I know about the site and the site that Singlesnet is a cover for, I cannot recommend that anyone waste any of their time visiting Singlesnet.com.

If you’re looking to have sex with someone, don’t worry, I can confirm that even if this doesn’t work, I promise there’s an app for dating adults and yes, specifically for that. then this is definitely not the site you want to join. Don’t believe me, then maybe you should check out other Singlesnet reviews and complaints, then make a decision.