Slang Words For Dating Online

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People use slang in just about every dating network. I’m sure your head is spinning wondering why on earth you need to be concerned with slang words and definitions related to dating and hooking up? Am I right, or no? Chances are, you’ve read an adult classified ad or a dating profile and came across a few acronyms that left you scratching your head.

Let me guess, you probably didn’t have a clue what those acronyms even meant and I’m not surprised. The good news is that I know what each one of these stands for and I’m going to share my own personal feedback on each of them.

Some definitions of dating and escort acronyms

Casual Dating Definitions And Acronyms You Must Know

There are a number of acronyms and adult dating slang terms or so-called definitions that many people haven’t got a clue what they mean. Lucky for you, I’m about to share some of the most popular slang terms that you’ll come across and my personal opinion on each one of them. Let’s get right down to business…


This term is frequently used in ads published on classifieds and other sites. It stands for “Dining at the Y” and it basically means that a girl is willing to let you give her oral sex. Think of the Y being her legs spread wide open with your face buried in her vagina.

Whether it’s a girl you met for a late-night Fling or some local person you met on the casual encounters section on Craigslist, I’d be careful licking random you know what. Please, please, please, you can do it but be careful not to get any diseases.


The term “GFG” stands for Girlfriend experience and it’s commonly used in ads on sites like Seeking Arrangement and other sugar daddy sites. When you see this in a dating profile, it basically means that the girl is willing to hookup you in the same manner that she would a real boyfriend.

It’s a more intimate way of hooking up and often preferred by men on casual sex sites. Not everyone wants the basic wham bam. This is the other side of that coin.


The BBBJ is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. You know what it means? I’ll give you one guess, bare back blowjob!

Basically, if you see this term on any adult ads or perhaps some girls online dating profile, then you know she’s all about the D. It’s basically an invitation to stick your penis in her mouth without a condom on. Sounds awesome huh!


Feeding off the last acronym, CIM means “Come In Mouth” and with an escort, it means they are offering for you to come in their mouth for a little bit more money. Now, if it’s on a dating site then it just means the girl likes to swallow loads, which is awesome.


This stands for “bare back blow job to completion” which means exactly what you think it means. Receiving oral sex without wearing a condom with the horny naughty girl willing to take a shot of come in her mouth. Now, that doesn’t mean that she will swallow, but it sounds like a lot of fun right.


If you see a girl that mentions “Greek” in her profile, then you know that you’re in for a real treat. Most girls that post this are willing to do anal.


This acronym isn’t as fun as BBBJTC but it’s pretty nice to do with a girl. It stands for “oral without” and it means getting a bj without a rubber, just not to completion.


This one is not an event that I’m personally thrilled about but some actually prefer to do it. The term refers to sticking your penis between a girl’s boobs and having her get you off with the use of her breasts. In other words, it’s having sex with a girl’s boobs.


If you read something on a profile that says “PSE” then it’s basically a woman’s way of telling you that she’s willing to give you the “porn star experience” that you desire. What exactly does this entail?

Well, not just an instant bang and be gone. Instead, she’ll call you baby, beg for it harder, and will be much more local than the typical girl. You know what I’m talking about, lots of dirty talk! If you need more details on this, you can contact us for additional information.

Now, these are all defintions of dating aka acronyms and Internet slang terms that you will want to fully understand. In the event that you don’t understand them, then contact me and I’ll try to help. I think this will get you to a good place though for starters and where you want to be.

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