What Is The Tinder Super Like Feature?

Tinder Super Like Feature
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How to find and get in touch with singles nearby interested in the same things as you? Simple and easy – join Tinder or any of the other apps I suggest. If you upgrade your account, you can even get in touch with people from all across the globe, form friendships and let the romance grow.

Tinder Super Like Tips

Tinder – The App Basics

Arguably one of the most popular online dating apps, Tinder set the standards of the online dating industry. Yes, there were other online dating sites and apps before, but none was as versatile as Tinder.

Using your phone, you just swipe left to discard someone and right to like them. From there on, it is a waiting game for them to swipe right on your profile, matching both of you. Once a match is done, a chat box pops up and you both can start chatting with each other and slowly get to know each other.

Everything is great for the people that have met their match this way and they may as well be on their way to a happily ever after. For the guys and gals that still haven’t found what they are looking for and have grown bored with the constant swiping left or right, Tinder has installed updates that promise to keep things interesting and make the activity of looking for a date more fun.

Super Like on Tinder

To spice things up and speed up matching and encourage conversations, Tinder has introduced the Super Like feature. The standard like or dislike is shown by swiping right or left on someone’s profile. The moment both parties swipe right is when the chat begins.

The Super Like feature forgoes the standard swiping left or right and takes a more direct approach. To Super Like someone, you need to swipe up on their profile image, or hit the star on their image near the bottom of the screen. By Super Liking someone, they instantly get a notification on their phone, telling them that someone has super liked them.

Is Super Liking good or bad?

Tinder allows us to meet and chat with someone via our phones, and that someone is probably interested in the same things as us. So the Super Like feature can only speed up the meeting process, as it skips all the swiping left or right until both of you swipe right on each other’s profiles and get matched.

Once you Super Like someone, they get an instant notification, and by opening the app, they get to see your profile and decide on the action they are going to take. This can be seen as a good thing or as a bad thing. Because most of Tinder users depending on their membership plan have one allowed Super Like a day, for most, it is certainly flattering to receive a Super Like.

There are those that also look on the Super Like feature as an annoyance. Some say that it is used by too eager people that don’t have any patience and want all the attention. These believe that upon the Tinder policy, you should wait for the match to occur naturally, by both of you swiping right.

What to do if you get Super Liked on Tinder?

The first thing before anyone Super Liking you is to turn on the Tinder notifications. This feature needs to be active so you will receive each and every new notification in a timely manner. After all, you don’t want to learn that someone Super Liked you a week ago.

The interesting thing about Super Like notification, you only get notified that someone swiped up on your profile, not immediately who it was. To check it out, you will need to click on the notification and enter the Tinder app. I suggest you do this in your free time, as you can easily get carried away in looking through the profiles.

Once inside Tinder, you will be shown a few profiles and the one that has Super Liked you will be shown in a blue frame and have a blue star icon on their profile image. If you happen to like the person that has already Super Liked you, then you are on a good path to get yourself a date this weekend.

In the case of having your notifications turned off, don’t worry so much. Tinder remembers who Super Liked you and while you won’t get an instant notification, you will still see their profile on your list. It will not be the top profile displayed, but if anyone has clicked Super Like on you, then their blue-framed profile will be in your immediate feed.

What next?

If you did not know so far why some profile in your display feed on Tinder was shown in a blue frame, now you know – they have Super Liked you. The Super Like option increases the chances of meeting someone and getting to know them better.

According to the Tinder execs, the Super Like feature triples the chances of meeting someone you would not normally meet. So swipe away and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

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