What Is A Blank Tinder Profile?

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Is a blank Tinder profile a real profile? That’s the golden question that millions of users ask themselves daily. We’ve all, well most of us, have used one or another dating app. Since the Tinder dating app is still one of the most popular out there, it’s understandable that when we think of dating, we think of Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid, and a few others. All is well and good when you swipe right on a detailed and well-outlined profile, but what about a blank profile?

Blank Tinder Profile

The following article is aimed at explaining what a blank online profile is, should you approach it, and if so, how to go about doing so. Keep reading and I guarantee you’ll learn something new today. Trust me, it’s worth doing so if you’ve ever come across a bare-bones profile and I know that you have because we all have.

What Is A Blank Online Dating Profile?

This is pretty easy to answer – it’s a profile that’s not been completed. In fact, it’s one that hasn’t been updated with information, period.

Most people (girls) that use online dating apps like Tinder usually fill out their profile 100%. Their level of detail and completeness are insane.

But there are also some that don’t bother with a lot of personal info and put only a couple of images and a sparse bio (zero effort). Lastly, there are those that only have one photo and no bio, no job, no interests, and no friends. This is known as a blank profile.

So the real question is should you bother to contact such a profile? If the profile had some kind of info, then you may know how to approach the person, but a profile completely devoid of personal info is a tough call.

Tinder Hookup Advice

Enticing (Super Hot) Opportunity

Maybe the photo on an empty profile is very appealing and an opportunity for adventure and you are tempted to contact the person. But how should you go about it? Maybe you’ll feel put and you’ll refrain from ever making a first touch or first contact just because they haven’t bothered to complete their profile.

Don’t be judgmental and consider this as a new possibility and maybe you’ll end up rewarded for your efforts.

You can use a cheesy opening line and risk being rejected. Or you can use a random approach, be creative and tempt the girl to reply. Another approach is to simply make a very personalized opening and perhaps you’ll be successful.

Below I’ll cover the random and personalized approach, as you don’t need any advice to use a cheesy opener. No need for me to cover that aspect of things.

Option 1: The Random Approach

If you have opted for this option, by all means, think before you act. Even if you use a random opener, avoid the boring “Hello”, “Hey” or “Hi”. It makes people want to avoid you as this is something that they have heard a million times before.

Ask Smart Questions

Never approach a girl’s online dating profile with a mundane question like “How’s your day?” or “How have you been?”

Instead, to stimulate the girl to present you with an answer, the question you pose needs to be creative, interesting, and appealing.

Aim at something that would require little effort on their part, but still a good conversation starter, to ensure you have an “in.”

Send A Fun .GIF

via Gfycat

GIFs are a simple, yet effective way of bringing a smile to someone’s face. Since you are sending a GIF animation to a blank Tinder profile, you can be free in your selection and use a GIF that is somehow related to you and will draw a smile from the other person.

Avoid the wave, the eggplant, smiley, or the other boring emojis, as these are the most uncreative opening approaches imaginable.

Option 2: Personalized Approach

To ensure the person on the other side actually returns your opener, you need to send something worth replying to. Use your brain before simply blurting something you can’t take back and face rejection. Look at the profile, find out more about their interests and likes and adjust accordingly.

Because the blank profile has very limited information – you only have one image to go with, you need to look and analyze the image carefully and then make your move.

Funny Name Puns (This May Be Risky)

Sending a funny pun to an empty Tinder profile can bring success or end up as a complete failure. To have a chance of success, the name pun you send needs to be very creative, funny, and not at all boring.

You need to be aware that someone else may have (almost guaranteed) already used the name pun you plan on sending. Again, think carefully and use a very, very personalized name pun that will certainly bring back a response from the girl with the blank profile.

Personalize A GIF or Two

You can’t send a random GIF to anyone. You risk offending them and never getting a response. That is why you need to personalize your GIF, make it memorable for the girl and she will be inclined to reply.

Look at her profile photo and imagine what she would most likely like and enjoy. Adjust the GIF accordingly and hope for the best.

Don’t use a GIF that has gone viral, as this will point to your unimaginativeness and will not garner a response.

Make a guess about the girl with the blank Tinder profile, and select a really fun, imaginative, and bold opening GIF.

Final Thoughts

If you see a photo of a girl on Tinder that you really like, but her profile is completely empty, then you can very well approach her and risk it. you have a 50/50 chance of being successful, which you shouldn’t let pass you like that.

Either use a random approach or personalize it based on your idea of her based on careful consideration of her profile image, but remember to be fun, creative, and not cheesy at all.

Assume that she has heard it all before, so to really stand a chance, you will need to tempt her reply with a spectacular opener.

If you’ve come to the end of the road and you still feel like you’ve gotten nowhere, please, just don’t settle for the average girls nearby. It’s not worth it, you’ll find someone on one of the top 5 apps I use, I’m sure of it.

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