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This review covers what you need to know about For those unaware, there has been some nonsense going on here with Are You Interested redirecting to and now going back to  It’s a common thing in the dating world as companies are acquired and sold. Never the less, I’ve covered everything I know about this company today. 

AYI did not have a great reputation so I was hoping that, with a name change, there would be a change in their billing and scam tactics. I was also hoping that it would be a more worthwhile network. Well, I tried AreYouInterested, for myself and I’m afraid it’s just more of the same with a different brand name. Check out my full review below.


Are You Interested Review: Experience Using The AYI App

AYI dating and the company behind the site claims to have a huge community. What they don’t tell you is that they have a huge database but most of the profiles are fake. Many of them have been created by the site through the use of either employees or an algorithm.

You will spend most of your time on the site trying to figure out who is real and who is fake. I took the time to find out and what I found was that at least 90% of the profiles messaged to interact with members turned out to be fake.

Granted, I’ve used plenty of dating sites and I’m no stranger to downloading these apps that I end up deleting minutes later but I thought for sure this was different. I can’t say that the results of using the AYI app are shocking.

In fact, I assumed it was complete garbage. However, it’s best for you to form your own personal opinion on Continue reading my review and other dating reviews to determine whether or not there’s something that’s just for you.

App Features

There are features at AYI that would be great if they were not so polluted with fake profiles. I like the unique aspects of the login and sign up process. You are first shown a set of images that represent various interests and you are asked to choose three of them.

As you fill in your interests, you are matched with other users who share the same interests. The entire process is relatively easy because all you have to do is click on pictures.

I mean, anyone with a basic high school education can get through this process. It seems like it would be a good way for you to find compatible matches fast. The site found plenty of matches for me, but none of them really went anywhere.

Chances of Getting Laid

If the profiles on the AYI dating site are real and not fake, your chances of getting laid would be astronomical based on the sheer number of users.

Unfortunately, when you weed out the fake ones, the real matches don’t amount to much. If you do end up getting laid using the AYI dating app, it will be by pure chance given the odds are stacked against you in a big way.

Site Safety

Both the site and the AYI mobile app seem fairly safe to use. They have a decent customer service department and it’s a no-brainer that you should not interact with someone who asks you for money or to give your credit card info for any reason.

There will always be things like this when you have a site that uses fake profiles, but as long as you are careful with your personal info, you should be fine. I can’t say that I had any serious scam issues with the site. I didn’t encounter the typical Nigerian scammer asking me to send them $1,000 for surgery or anything like that. I guess that’s a plus right!

Cost To Join

AreYouInterestedd is set up like any standard free dating site. You get to sign up, create a profile, post up to 10 photos, and even ask an icebreaker question when you sign up as a free member. If you want to interact with anyone beyond that, you will have to pay for a membership upgrade.

The cost is $24.99 a month, but you can get a deal by paying 3 months in advance which comes out to $16.66 a month. The last option is to pay 6 months in advance.

This will end up costing you about $12.50 per month. This is fairly cheap, but the cost is irrelevant if you can’t obtain the desired results. That’s like paying someone for sex and not getting laid!

Ease of Use

Oh, sure it’s easy to use. Scam sites make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible so you won’t notice that they have filled the site with fake profiles meant to fool you.

It easily connects to your Facebook and the method of matching your interests through clicking pictures makes it even easier. The navigation is a no-nonsense setup and the interface couldn’t be any more simple to use. However, who gives a shit how easy a site is to use if you can’t ever find a real date.

The Search

AYI gives you the option to connect to your Facebook so you can search for friends or friends of your friends. The initial results you get are based on interests that you share with other members.

The advanced search on the website is pretty extensive, but the search on the mobile app is pretty limited in comparison.

Although, if you get their Facebook app, the advanced search is the same as the website. All these search features don’t mean much though when most search results are all fake profiles.

Conclusion: Are You Interested = Blah Results

The bottom line is this, I honestly think this has the potential to be better, but it’s mismanaged and likely why they split from

When a dating site admits to having fake profiles or employees posing as members it can really tarnish the brand. This is likely what happened.

They have moved to a supposedly new and improved site but based on my personal experience, they have not improved at all. 

Which Free Apps Are Worth Joining?

Plenty of casual hook up apps actually do exist today. All of them can be downloaded and they help you connect with people all over the world. I personally choose to spend the majority of my time using the networks that I know work.

I do download many apps but using the browser on my smartphone seems to work just as good with the same features. Not to mention, I actually get laid using these because they guarantee it as opposed to others.

My advice would be, whatever you do, make sure you take action and do something, or you’re never going to meet someone. If you’re thinking of quitting dating apps for good, then you’ll be sorry, trust me.

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