Proof That Quitting Dating Apps Sucks

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Did you decide to give up on dating apps for a bit of time? I bet that break away from using dating sites really sucked didn’t it? I’ve got some proof that quitting the use of dating apps really sucks. Here are a few reasons why discontinuing the use of whatever iOS or Android app you choose to use really sucks.

Quitting dating apps

Dating Without The Internet Is Hard

Trying to successfully date or casually hook up with someone today is really difficult. It’s a well-known fact that the Internet has made it much easier for us to connect with one another. Truth be told, it’s downright hard to find dates today without using the Internet.

Trust me, I’ve done the local speed dating, the dinners with mom’s friend’s daughter, the blind date setups, they all suck compared to the Internet. I’m telling you right now, this is 100% factual.

Your Chances Are Reduced

If you cut dating apps out of your life, you better be prepared for the inevitable. The fact that dating opportunities will dry up faster than the Sahara desert is certain.

In fact, based on personal experience, I’d say that your chances of hooking up drop as dramatically as 50%. It’s due to your dating pool shrinking when you remove yourself from apps.

Who’s Single?

If you’re trying to date outside of using a dating website or even a sex app, it’s downright hard to determine who is actually single and who’s taken.

There is nothing worse than putting in the work and taking the time out of your day to speak with potential bang buds and coming to find out that this individual is already taken and not willing to bang.

It takes time to find someone that’s single when you’re not using an online social network. I mean, there are those instances where you get lucky meeting someone at the bar or some local food joint but that’s about it.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

If you remove yourself from being online completely, then you’re increasing the possibility of missing out on a ton of cool stuff! That’s something that you’ll have to deal with if you decide to remove yourself from the online dating world.

Realization Sets In

When removing oneself from the online dating world, realization can sometimes set in. This is where you begin to come to terms that the life you live and your dating lifestyle sucks. Well at least without the use of a hookup site, it completely sucks.

All these things should provide plenty of reasons why it’s important to keep using apps like and to get laid.

Since I’ve started utilizing many apps, the quality of my dating life has increased dramatically. I suggest that you know that you begin using one of these if you haven’t begun doing so. If you already use one or a few, then keep doing so. I should also mention that these are all a perfect tool to help best connect with like-minded locals in your city or town.

Having spent a number of years connected to these hookup apps 24/7, I can’t stress how much of a game-changer they are when it comes to meeting people. It won’t take anyone long to completely understand the impact that these mobile apps have on your life.

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