Hookup Dating Safety Tips

Hookup Safety Tips
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I’ve covered so much info that you need to know if you’re looking to stay say while using online dating sites and apps. Think about it, the online world allows us to be present without actually telling everything about ourselves. Even though we rarely utilize this option, because, let’s face it, most of us opt to share almost anything personal online. Still, the aura on anonymity is appealing for some applications.

One such is the online dating game. The many apps that enable you to like and even start chatting with someone by something as simple as a swipe to the right allow a fast encounter with someone that can leave you satisfied, and yet exposed and even put in the line of danger. It does not matter if you are a guy or a girl; there are some hidden dangers that lurk beneath the whole ordeal.

Yes, you may argue that this is not something that happens to everyone every day, and most people meet other decent people online. You still need to admit that there are some dangers and acting with common sense and some propriety is the smart approach.

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The Nine Hookup Safety Tips

Hooking up with someone online is not a bad thing. Just don’t go headfirst and deal with the consequences later. Instead, go for the safe approach by following the advice outlined here.

Don’t share your first and last name with everyone

Today any person with a little tech knowledge can learn a lot about someone only using only their first and last name. So, when starting a chat with someone online, always start with only your first name.

When you are sure that you are not conversing with a creep you should share your complete identity. Or, if you are only looking for a one-night-stand, maybe don’t share it at all.

Slowly divulge personal info

Most of the online dating apps allow the users to converse via their built-in chat, so it is not necessary to have to share your phone number or home address with just about anyone. You and only you should decide when it is time to tell the person you are talking to your phone number and start texting and sexting outside the app.

Don’t stalk, but do explore

If you have been talking to a person on any of the dating apps and you like them, there is nothing wrong in going through their social media accounts. I’m not saying that you should check their Instagram and Facebook feeds twenty times a day, but checking them once is enough.

This is a good way to see if they are actually who they are presenting themselves as. It is still information that is shared with the world, so it is not stalking and doing something illegal.

Block and report user is sometimes a necessity

Every social or online dating app has the option to block and report a user. This can be done for different reasons, and if you ever start to feel threatened by someone you’ve met online, you should immediately block and report them to the site moderators that will take further necessary measures.

By doing so you are preventing a bigger disaster and helping other users by filtering out creeps and unsavory characters.

Tell a friend you are going to meet your online paramour

Don’t be afraid when going to meet your online hookup. Just to be on the safe side, tell your friend, roommate, colleague or neighbor, someone you trust, that you are going to meet with the person you are talking online. It is better for your peace of mind when people know where and with whom you are going.

Meet while the Sun is still up

The busy schedules of most people don’t leave enough time for social calls during the daytime, so most people chose to meet at night.

Still, a daytime meeting for a cup of coffee or a visit to a museum can be a good way to start with someone. If you both like each other and decide to take things further, you certainly don’t have to wait for the Moon to rise.

Opt for a place you both feel comfortable

When meeting with your online date for the first time, agree on a place you both feel comfortable at. Arrange your own transport, so if you start feeling grossed out and afraid, you can leave without depending on your date for a ride.

This way they also don’t get to see where you live. But if you happen to like each other, then learning how the inside of their or your bedroom looks like heeds to be a mutual decision.

Public places are a safe option

Meeting someone for the first time in the shadows of a darkened club is not the smartest of ideas. You never know what the other person is going to do, so to be on the safe side, always opt for a popular restaurant, a popular café or a mall.

The secluded area of the park is usually where creeps lurk, and even if your date is the safest person in the world; there are other dangers that anyone should be smart enough to avoid. That mountain hike can wait for later.

Keep your home for yourself

The rule of not letting strangers at home is one of the first rules our parents drilled in all of us as kids. That, and “Don’t get in cars with strangers.” It is sound advice and one that we all should respect. If you decide to call your hookup at home, you should know what you are getting yourself into.

If you really like this person, you get a good vibe from them and your instincts say that they are all right, think over about it carefully and make a decision on your own, no matter how hard they press. And if your gut feelings are not where they should be, you should refrain from inviting them at home and even cut your online communication with them.

Final Thoughts

Meeting in person for the first with the person you’ve chatted online can bring butterflies in your stomach. Especially if you both share the same interests and desires, then the meet can turn into something spectacular.

However, to be on the safe side of things, you should carefully read the advice outlined above. Keep in mind that people can present and misrepresent themselves online, and have nefarious reasons behind their behavior. While it is far less likely to come upon such an unsavory person, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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