How to Find a Hookup Near You

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Today, finding a hookup has become so simple and easy, I often wonder how people have time for anything else. You may think that this is not so, but here I’ll tell you how you can easily find a willing partner for blowing off some steam. If you have the idea of meeting someone at a club, there is nothing wrong with it, and it is certainly not impossible, but it is just an outdated way. The real ease of meeting someone for a hookup is online. There are many websites and apps that enable you to search from a sea of people for the one fitting your exact match. Yes, the many adult dating apps and social media sites offer the world at the tip of your finger. Whether you are into blondes or brunettes, you only need to click a few boxes and look for the one that will spark your fire. While it is still possible to hook up with someone you’ve met at a bar, most men and women turn to online services for getting the hookup they want. This medium eliminates all the awkward meetings, smiles and wondering if they like you and you like them, as anyone using these services knows what they are really after. No pretense, no weirdness, just plain old mutually gratifying sexual encounter. Keep reading ahead as I’m about to share a few very important tips on how you can use the everyday social media platforms and implore some strategy of getting down and dirty with someone near you.

The easiest way: a social hookup app

The simplest manner of getting a hookup with someone is to join one of the hookup apps and online sites that enable the meets between people strictly looking for sex. It does not matter what floats your boat, there are sites for anything and everything. Here are the top sites offering strictly sexual hookups:
  • Ashley Madison
  • Snapsext
  • SocialBangBook
  • LocalHookup
  • Pure
While this may seem like an outdated list, many people turn directly towards the services offered by these sites in order to get someone close by to hook up with.

Major social media platforms offer possibilities

For all of the people that don’t like the idea of going directly for the kill, but enjoy the hunt, there are plenty of other online options which I’ll outline below.

Get a hookup on Facebook

Facebook is not just for sharing your clever statuses and for people to like your photos. There is an option which may not be known to most, to get a hookup via the many Facebook groups. If you live in a larger city, then there is most probably a group that enables the meets between interested parties. To join one or more of them, you need to have a nicely comprised profile and show yourself in a nice light. If you step in with full force or immediately ask the direct questions, you will get your profile banned from the groups and even get reported on Facebook. But if you step in with kinder, sweeter words, then you will have better progress and higher chances of finding a hookup soon. The Facebook singles groups usually have few moderators and are of a private character. So to get your profile accepted, step in with a nice request. Don’t sit at home meekly moping of not being able to get a hookup, instead take action, show off your charm and use Facebook to the best of its abilities – to get a hookup which will cost you nothing but the condoms you need to bring.

There is a singles search on Instagram

Again, yes there is a #(your city)singles (for example #NYsingles) hashtag on Instagram which you can use to see who is single near you and in need of a hookup. If you enjoy the initial phase of meeting up with someone, even if it is only for sex, then you can just use the appropriate hashtag on Instagram and find a date that way. The Instagram profiles that manage these activities usually post regular updates of local events where the singles usually meet and where you can get some nice single lady to have some sexy fun with. Show off your charming personality, don’t be a**hole and you’ll certainly get a girl. The other way that is very popular and is most likely to bring you to a hot date is to do a search of #(your city)singles hashtag and see all the posts from the groups and individual profiles. The search will turn up all the profiles that have used the hashtag and you can browse through those and if you see anything you like, then you decide to explore further. If you pay attention to all the hashtags, you can even stumble upon some more coveted parties and score an invite.

Snapchat is another possibility

Of course, Snapchat is a social media site that has those funny, disappearing snaps of your daily activities. But did you know that the Near Me option on Snapchat can bring you closer with people that are not only interested in the funny post you’ve posted, but also for something more? You can find a hookup on Snapchat, you just need to know how to look for it. Showing off your funny side is easy on Snapchat, and by sharing it with your friends it will certainly be seen by many more. Some of them are going to be single ladies, which is kind of the whole point, right? If they are looking to meet someone for a hookup and you are after the same thing, then there is nothing stopping you from exploring things further and moving the party to your/her bedroom. Finding a hookup via Snapchat is for the braver and more creative types of guys that are not afraid to become the clown if it brings them closer to the girl. If that guy is you, then, by all means, share a snap of your funny side.

Use the classifieds

Back in the day, there were classified ads in the newspaper, and among the people selling and buying random things, there were ads where people were looking to meet someone. Most of the newspapers have gone into history, and the classified ads went online where you can contact someone you like via email or phone. There is a dose of uncertainty, as there is no way of proving the person on the other side is a reasonable, sane person that will not rob you blind or even hurt you. While most people are okay, there are the psychos which you have to look out for. Still, the classifieds ads are a simple way of finding a hookup near you that is in it solely for the sex.

Say hi to the hot girl at the bar

While online methods can bring you fast results in meeting someone just to have sex with, there is nothing wrong in meeting a person to have a hookup with the old-fashioned way. The bars and clubs are places where singles usually gather and where it is most likely to meet someone for some sexy fun with. You can even meet a hookup on your way home from the store. Don’t be afraid to meet people, talk to them and explore all the possibilities when it comes to getting laid. Look for it online, meet people on dating sites, on the social media platforms, in bars and clubs, and maximize the possibilities. The pros are that anyone interested only in a casual hookup or one-time deal will most probably use the online services of the adult dating sites, and the chance meeting with a lady at the bar can leave you wondering if she is after a boyfriend or a casual fling.

Conclusion: sex is great; you should have it more often

Sex is essential to the continuation of life. But before we turn to procreate, sex is a great physical activity, helping with stress relief, headaches, burning calories, and improving the mental state. So why avoid it? Don’t. If you get rejected, then you learn from that experience and work harder/smarter next time. While the rejection can hurt and kill your spirit, you should not let it. The gratification and flood of endorphins the sexual act brings can’t be matched by anything and it certainly beats all the hurt from past rejections. Watching porn at home, feeling sorry for yourself will not bring you anything but more fear and dampen your mood. Instead, use the internet not to watch other people do it, but to find someone who you can get together with and do it. Looking for more hookup ideas and advice? Sweet! Check out the homepage for more goodies!
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