Cougar Dating Sites

cougar dating sites
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The practice of dating has set some expectancies and standards, and the most accepted one is that it is all right for a younger girl to date an older guy. But there is actually nothing wrong in a younger guy dating an older woman, and this happens to happen more often and more openly than ever.

If you happen to be one of the guys enjoying the company of a mature woman, then you should not be ashamed of anything. You should be able to freely enjoy yourself and be with the person that makes you tingle. The ladies that enjoy being with younger guys are colloquially called cougars.

Cougar Dating Sites
Credit: Photo of Cougar Melanie Bloomquist

Options For Those Looking For Cougar Dating

The internet is an amazing thing, and it offers anything for anybody, including guys looking for older ladies and vice versa. Here is a list of sites that rank as the best in matching cougars with their ideal partners. Whether you are a cougar looking for some younger meat or you are a young guy wanting to get himself a mature lady, read on, think about it and I’m sure you’ll find your match. I’ll just come right out and say that if you’re trying to use Instagram for meeting cougars, it’s not going to happen!

Cougar Life

A specialized site that makes it simple and easy to connect mature women with men who love them, is gaining a growing number of users. The site has a very beautiful design, with excellently thought off features that simplify the search and match processes.

This site offers services like private photo exchange, lice chat, sending gifts, priority messaging, finding a date now and advanced search with filters that allow even more options. The older women-younger men relationships become even more popular, and CougarLife has a nice share of the market, with over seven million cougars and cubs looking to find their match.


The site is considered as being the top in a long list of sites that bring people together. It is used by a vast number of users daily and there are a lot of filters in use which only serves to improve the user experience.

It is used by many cougars or men looking to get together with cougars both for a casual hookup and serious relationship. The initial sign up is free and you can complete a profile along with all your preferences. The complete profile makes it easier for the site to match you with your ideal partner.

The paid memberships have many more options, like incognito search, zen mode and a lot more. The site has an excellent guide that leads you through the signup process, providing advice on how to create a good profile and easily find your ideal match.

Older Women Dating

The older women have somewhat different needs and want when compared with younger inexperienced girls. The people that have created have seen these differences and created this service that helps match cougars with respective cubs.

Cougars have life experience when it comes to relationships and they know how to enjoy life and make it equally enjoyable for their partners. The women that use this site are exactly like this, so it is one of the best for guys that are looking to become some hot cougar’s cub.

Date a Cougar

Finding a cougar for a hookup or a romantic relationship has become straightforward with the help of many online sites such as the The signup process is very simple and easy, with an appealing design showcasing most of the site’s features.

The users sign up and create a profile, outlining their preferences and basic info like age and location, which are the primary search options. The ladies that use this site are serious, hot and know what they are looking for in their cub. The initial sign up is free, and the users can browse, message each other and upload photos. There is paid membership that enables plenty of other options and even a bigger chance of meeting your potential match.

Hookup Cougars

Enabling some good features, the is an online site that helps bring together cougars and guys looking to become their cubs. This site has instant messaging, video calls and other features that help the users get to know each other and see if they fit.

The initial sign up is free, as are some of the basic features, like the instant messaging between users. The user’s profiles should be nicely designed, with clearly set preferences, as to avoid spending valuable time pursuing the wrong thing. The more detailed options and the advanced filters are available upon upgrading your profile.

Age Match

If you are a more mature gentleman and are looking to hook up with a younger lady, then you can use the services of This site is used mostly by older guys that look for the independent young lady that can bring the spark back to life.

There are many users that frequent this site, and with its clean design, clearly outlined signup process and ease of use, it is a good place to meet a hookup or a potential partner. It is not only for men looking to hook up with a younger girl, but it is also used by mature women looking to get a young stud.


Used by ladies that are looking for gentlemen, the is another site helping cougars get their match. The mature women are confident, they take care of themselves, know what they enjoy, and are familiar with their needs. They look for a fun, confident guy that can give them something out of the ordinary, so many have turned to this site in order to do so.

It is a popular place for getting a date, as there are many users that are after the same thing, going on a date with a hot cougar or a younger cub. The design of the site is clean and user-friendly, with effortless navigation. The preferences the users put on their profile are used in the search and it is very simple to get the match according to your desires.


Cougars are attracted by the spirit, fun, and energy of the younger guys, and it should be of no surprise that this kind of relationship has become very popular. The seriousness, stability, and experience of the mature women are the appeals the younger men find attractive, and that is why many have looked online on for their ideal match.

This site has an initial free sign up, with several free options like instant messaging and access to the user blog posts. For any advanced features, the users will need to upgrade their membership. Still, there are plenty of users and many options to be matched with your ideal mate.


The site takes the user experience and security really serious, and that is why they have created a simple, fast, yet effective signup process. The mature ladies here are smart, beautiful and know what they are after. There are a lot of young guys that look to become some lucky cougar’s cub and are looking to become one through the

The users share their thoughts and experiences on the blog, and one can find smart advice and read about experiences concerning any type of relationship between a cougar and her cub. If you are looking to hook up with a mature lady, then you can certainly look here.


The site is a large online community for people of all ages looking for love. There are younger guys looking to hook up with cougars, younger ladies looking to hook up with older guys and more. There is nothing wrong in having a relationship with an older/younger person than you, especially if you both are happy with it.

The Ageless Dating site offers exactly this, matching you with a person per your prescribed preferences. The people here can only meet and chat and the initial free sign up process is fast and simple. It enables the users to meet the older woman/man of their dreams, or hook up with a young guy/girl that will lift their spirit and fulfill their desires.


The ten sites on this list are some I pulled from a much longer list of sites with similar content that facilitate the meetings between cougars and young guys. Both mature women and young men can join and use the services, in most cases for free and start chatting with the person of their dreams. You’ll also want to check out the network even though it caters to milfs versus cougars. Additionally, the network (read the review) is a sure winner for cougars as well!

Each of these sites has photo sharing options and some even have video calls so the users can see each other before even agreeing to meet in person. All of these implore high-security standards that protect the personal data of the users, whilst enabling them to meet the person to fulfill their desires.

Note: Melanie Bloomquist does not endorse the sites listed above. She’s just shown here as an example of what we believe a cougar looks like. 

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