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Whether we admit it or not, we all love flirting, texting, and hooking up with one another. Some of us even like cheating on our significant others. It’s just in our nature, plain and simple. I’m a firm believer that being able to flirt via text can literally change your life. You’ve tried everything but you haven’t done what I’m about to share, bet that! If your situation is relatable in a sense that you feel like you’ve tried everything without making any significant progress, then you need to read this now…

If you spend any amount of time in public, you know that everyone has a cell phone now and most of them walk around with their faces in it. That’s why it’s no surprise that texting has become the newest and most effective way of getting a girl’s attention. If you want to get the most out of your text exchange with a hot girl, then you need to learn how to flirt. Not only that but you’ve got to learn how to do it effectively. Here are some tips on how to flirt with girls through text.

Is There A Science Behind Flirting Via Text?

You bet your bottom dollar there is! I’m about to give you the full low down on everything and exactly what you need to be successful here with all this text messaging stuff. Trust me, if it works for me, just an average joe blow, then it will most definitely work for you as well!

how to flirt via text

Here’s what I know and what you need to know if you want to survive in this hella competitive dating world we live in today…

Strike while the iron is hot.

You should never wait too long between exchanges with a girl whether you meet them face to face or contact them via text. You need to occupy her mind from the moment you meet her without fading from her memory. If you meet a girl and get her number; you should text her the same day.

If you meet her later in the day, you should text her no later than the next day. You need to stay fresh in her mind. She should still be thinking about your last text exchange when you send her another.

Don’t bombard her with texts.

It’s important that you not wait too long between texts, but it’s just as important not to send too many. If you send her text after text without giving her a break in between, it could be overkill and you could turn her off before you get a chance to hook up with her.

There could be any number of reasons why she’s not responding right away. Even if she is ignoring you, more texts are not going to make her like you any more than she already does. Too many texts, especially consecutive unanswered ones, will make you appear desperate and neurotic.

There is nothing that is more of a turn-off for a girl than a guy who sends them a constant stream of texts without giving them a chance to respond. This applies when you’re dealing with a coworker you want to have a “fling” thing with too. Definitely do not go overboard here. Looking like a creep will haunt you for a long time.

Make your texts flirty.

Don’t send too many texts that involve personal details or serious conversations right away. Ask some questions and break the ice, but you should soon move into flirting. Start small at first and get more suggestive if she responds well.

If you send a flirty text, and the girl sends a flirty text right back to you, she probably wants you. Don’t be afraid to make the move, but don’t persist if she doesn’t respond well. If she doesn’t flirt back, you probably tried too hard too soon. Back off and look for another moment to try again.

Joke around with her.

A big part of turning her on is making her laugh. Try to come up with a joke or something to tease her about that is exclusive to you. Having an inside joke could go a long way toward familiarizing her with you and keeping her mind on you between texts. If you and a girl share an inside joke, she tends to feel like she knows you a lot better than she actually does. Trust me, in this case, it will become a little easier to take the text exchange to the next level.

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