What To Say To A Girl You Like

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Sometimes knowing what to say is half the battle. That holds especially true when you’re talking to a girl. If you’re still not sure what you should say to a girl that you like, then fear not, these tips will help you for sure. But let’s start from the beginning…

So you have met a girl that you really like and now that you have her in front of you and want to start a conversation. There are many different approaches to breaking the ice. Confidence, respect, and a relaxed, casual attitude are the keys to a successful chat. Here is what to say to a girl you like if you want to attract her enough to want to have sex with you.

What To Say
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Things You Might Consider Saying To A Girl You Like

These tips are not in any particular order. But I’ve covered what I can and know so to remove the thought process for you.

Be First

Always introduce yourself first unless someone else has made introductions for you. Given that you probably first met her chatting online, you likely recognized her first, not someone else. Just make the first move. Many young people these days lack manners.

Introducing yourself by name shows that you have manners and are somewhat respectful. She will also be more likely to remember your name and listen to what you have to say. I’ve gone on so many dates with girls that I’ve perfected my approach and I only use the same one every single time. That typically entails going to the

Keep Surroundings Relevant

Talk about your current surroundings. If you are at an art museum, tell her why you are there even if it’s something simple such as you liking art or you have a friend that is an artist.

If you are outside, then talk about the weather. Talking about your setting is a non-threatening way to get used to each other’s company. If you invited her there then ask if she likes the location.

Ask Questions

Ask her a question or two to get the ball rolling. Don’t be afraid to ask the girl why she is there at the art museum or if she is an artist. Be sure to keep the questions about work or hobbies. Do not ask personal and private questions unless they bring up the subject themselves.

Asking questions is always a good thing to do when the conversation starts to lull. If you met her on a really raunchy dating site and you’re already somewhat familiar with what she accepts from a dirty talking perspective then you can boldly try and go dirty in person. Be careful doing this though because it can certainly backfire quickly.

Tell Her About You

Talk a little about yourself. While it is a good idea to let the girl talk about herself a lot, you will need to talk about yourself too.

Volunteer information about yourself but only if she seems interested. You can bring them up while she is talking about herself by making comments on how they relate to you.

Be Funny

Make her laugh with a joke or funny story. Girls like to laugh just as much as boys do. Tell her a clean joke or a funny story. Don’t be vulgar or insulting. Also, be sure that you don’t laugh too hard or loud at your own jokes especially if they don’t find them funny.

That’ll make you look like a complete asshole and just fake in general. Remember, the objective is to attract a girl and get her to like you enough to want to either meet again and hook up or get a room at a hotel now and have sex today.

Looky, Looky

Flirt with her by complimenting her looks. This can be as simple as saying that she has pretty eyes or a cute smile to her laugh turns you on or she’s sexy beyond belief. Just be sure not to go too far and say something that you will regret later.

Beat Expectations

Say something she will not expect. Most girls have already heard the usual lines like “your eyes are pretty” and “you have a cute smile.” Instead of trying to be frisky with them, say something like “I’ll be watching you so don’t think you can touch me just yet.”

All About Her

Express interest in getting to know more about her. Face it, she’s not going to tell you everything about herself right after meeting you. After you determine that you share common interests with her, ask her if she would like to pursue the conversation elsewhere.

This could be at a cafe or a restaurant, bar, hotel room. Never miss a chance to ask a girl to take things further. You need to know what to say to a girl if you want to get laid. It’s the most crucial aspect of dating believe it or not.

Good luck and let me know how many casual flings you have after taking my advice. There’s a good chance your numbers will increase!

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