How To Hookup In Australia

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If you’ve never been to Australia, then you’re missing out on what this beautiful country as to offer. It’s damn near perfect and so are lots of the people residing in the Country. You know, there are many online sites that offer the kind of services that help people in Australia find hookups fast. The truth of the matter is that not all of these can be trusted and not all of these are good networks to leave your personal data. Still, there are those that offer legitimate services and make it easy for people after a night of sexy fun to find the best.

Hooking up with someone for some sexual fulfillment is very fun when done right. The many professional online sites that facilitate the meets between interested parties have reached a whole new level of professionalism and the sexy fun is almost guaranteed.

To understand how these websites work and how successful the people using them were in finding a hookup, I’ve reviewed a lot of them. Based on the services offered, the design of the site, the users, and the consumer satisfaction reviews I’ve made a list of the best and a list of the worst online hookup sites for Australians.

The Australian Dating Site Test and Review Criteria

All the sites that deal with hookups were subjected to the same test criteria. Along with the careful reviewing of the reviews from users, I was able to create a comprehensible and accurate list of the top and absolute bottom of the spectrum.

To verify the site users a select number of emails were sent to random members. After the response started to come in, I reviewed each, determining if it was sent by a real person or the annoying chatbots. I’ve compared the responses, and oddly enough, the identical response was sent from several accounts, which is a certain proof that these are fake profiles and the messages were sent by an automated service.

I tried to arrange meetings with a lot of girls and noted the number of dates and the number of times I actually hooked up with a girl. There were some instances where I was asked for payment for services – not a hookup site, but a front for prostitution.

The site lists

Without further ado, here are the lists of the best and worst adult dating and hookup sites the Aussies get to use.

The best hookup websites in Australia

From the research I conducted to find the top sites one can use to get a hookup in Australia, I noticed some features that every one of the top-rated sites shared. The good hookup sites have a balanced male vs. female user body.

Also, the women listed on these sites are real people, not paid escorts or fake profiles with pictures stolen from other sites. All of these offer a free trial so any new user can test the waters and see if they like what is offered, and lastly, there were a lot of casual sex encounters that happened via dates set up through the use of the sites on this list.

The worst Australian hookup sites

After considering all the facts, I can conclusively say that there are several features that every bad hookup site has. Here is what I noticed about the absolute worst online places for getting a hookup in Australia. Most had a lot of male users as opposed to female users.

The emails I sent either got zero replies or got a lot of replies obviously sent by an automated chatbot service. From the replies that I got, most were from paid hookers, which is not cool at all as it beats the whole purpose of using a casual sex site. No more explaining, here is the list of the absolute worst casual hookup sites in Australia that you should steer clear of.

  • DatingInSecret
  • MySexHookups
  • JustHookup
  • IwantU
  • Meetic
  • HornyMatches
  • BeNaughty

The conclusion

If you are living in the Land Down Under and are interested in some casual sex, but want to forgo the traditional picking up a girl/guy in a bar route, then I suggest you use one the services of one of the sites listed in above as the best hookup websites in Australia. Also, be sure to avoid the ones listed as the worst hookup websites in Australia, as most of these are just elaborate scams designed to cheat you from your personal data and credit card information.

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