How To Hookup In Great Britain

Great Britain
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Brits are famous for their casual sex routine, and the many online dating sites they use. While there are some very, very good options, there are some not so good online places to get a hookup. How to find out how to filter out the bad apples from the good?

Seems like the only way to do so is to try each one for yourself and see if it is the right fit for you. There are some important factors that need to be fulfilled when we talk about good vs. a bad hookup site. A good hookup site needs to have a large user body, verified users and good satisfaction rate.

To spare you the troubles of checking each adult dating site in the United Kingdom, I’ve made a list of sites, checked each one and bring you the results below. The sites were tested on several criteria and rated accordingly. So next time you are looking for some fun, you immediately know where to look for it.

The most important aspects of each site were tested for the purpose of this list. Connectivity with female users, response rate, legitimacy of replies and users, date setup rate, and actual meets were all tested via appropriate tests.

The criteria that were set up before were meticulous and thorough. Each site was tested for users and the female profiles were scrutinized so any potential frauds could be easily identified. There were even sites that employed the services of chatbots with preset answers that served to only “entice” users to pay for a membership, with a vague promise of more. For some sites, there were fake profiles with tampered photos taken from other sites.

I’ve done this to sieve the sites offering the possibility of finding a real hookup near you from the fake sites that only want to sell you a promise. After testing each and every site on the list, I consolidated the data into a comprehensible list which you can see below.

List of Great Britain Hookup Sites

The low end of the spectrum

First I’m going to start with the list of worst hookup sites that Brits can use. Read on as I explain the characteristic of the seriously bad casual sex sites, followed by the list.

  • A lot of guys use the site as opposed to women. This is a front for fraudulent activity, as it is almost certain that the site uses bought photos from porn actresses or paid escorts and uses these to fill out fake profiles that only add to the “bulk”. It is a very unprofessional and unfair practice as it only turns clients away.
  • The girls ask for money. The whole purpose of a casual hookup site is to have sex with someone without hiring an escort. If the listed girls are actually hookers, then that is a site that belongs on another list and should be advertised as such.
  • Chatbots reply to the emails. Most of the worst adult dating sites use specialized chatbot services to reply to the emails sent to the fake profiles. This practice usually ends up with a huge number of email replies that arrive almost immediately after the user sends his email, pointing to a fraudulent policy.
  • No safe security protocols. These kinds of sites usually require the user to give away sensitive personal data, and the flimsy security protocols can only mean that these sites can be targeted by hackers and have the user data easily stolen.
  • No actual sex. The whole idea of using an online casual hookup site is to actually find a hookup. If no one gets a hookup through the site, then there is something seriously not right with the site.

Please follow the list of the worst hookup sites that are available in the UK now. Based on the same criteria to discern the best, these sites ranked the lowest from about 100 sites that I’ve looked into.

The worst online hookup sites in Great Britain


The high end of the spectrum

The best casual sex sites in the UK have several features that make them stand out in front of the competition. Here are the main characteristics of the best hookup sites.

  • Male and female user numbers are balanced. This means that there are actually real people using these services, as can be seen from the photos of the users, both male and female.
  • The girls don’t ask for money in exchange for sex. On the contrary, the women here are real people that are looking for a casual hookup without any complications.
  • The sites don’t try to sell you something more than just a membership, which also comes with a free trial so any user can sample the site before committing fully to it. Some even offer a very affordable trial period.
  • Safe transactions and secure personal data. The user data left on these sites gets encrypted and stored behind a powerful firewall, so there is less risk of it becoming a target for hackers.
  • Actual sex happened with people met through these sites. Each of the four sites on our list lives up to its reputation and delivers on the promise that anyone can find a casual hookup.

Here follows the list of the best online hookup sites available to the British population. I’ve used the same criteria for both lists, and the four sites outlined below are top rated in every aspect.

The best online hookup sites in Great Britain


If you are even in the United Kingdom and are in need of a casual hookup with a real person and not hiring a hooker, then you should most definitely employ the services of the best hookup sites outlined in the list above.

And for the Brits that want to use online services to get a sex friend, these four sites are the way to go, as they stand behind their services and implore high standards for the security of the user data, and most importantly, these have verified users.

You will have to create a user profile and pay a membership fee, and you will need to work for it a little bit, but the payoff is having a hookup with a real British lady without having to pay for her services.

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