Local Flirt Buddies Review

I typically don’t throw sites directly under the bus, but this was one occasion that I just couldn’t pass up. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous site called Local Flirt Buddies. There are some adult dating sites that you just are better off avoiding. Unfortunately, LocalFlirtBuddies.com is a site that you might want to second guess before even visiting. I’m going to show you exactly why it should be avoided.

Step By Step Process For Joining Local Flirt Buddies

For starters, I ended up on this site due to clicking on some shady banner ads on a webcam site. I know, it’s not something that I typically visit but I happened to be on it. Shoot me why don’t you! Anyway, back to what’s important here. I ended up on the dating site called Local Flirt Buddies after just clicking on this topless cougar banner. It literally resulted in a redirect to a site a page that looked exactly like the page shown directly below.

local flirt buddies homepage

It was nothing but some cheesy looking landing page that showed text stating “Be Warned!” at the very top. I wasn’t even sure what this was. In fact, it looked like a couple of cartoon characters. Sure, they were having sex but it was a bit shady to me. At any rate, I clicked the “OK” button and it led me on what seemed to be a wild goose chase of ridiculous questions. I’m going to share the specific questions that I was asked. Please note: I’m not upset about the questions but more so the process that I had to go through and the specific result associated. 

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the rest of the process that I had to go through. As soon as I clicked the OK button, I was immediately redirected to this page below. It was an over-zealous warning that I would soon see a list of women and their photos. The site stated that these girls wanted to have sex right this minute and before they showed me they would need to ask a few questions. Like a sucker, I hit the NEXT button.

local flirt buddies Question 1

That next button led me to the first question that they demanded I answer. I had to agree to not try and start a relationship with the women. This is a typical lead approach. They wanted me to think that all these women on this site only wanted me fro my dick. Apparently, it’s not okay to try and go steady with any of the girls. I agreed to their terms and clicked YES…


Shocker, I was hit with another question. This time they wanted me to confirm that I would wear a condom if I have sex with any of the girls. Probably for safety reasons, but I knew this was absolute bullshit because some sluts that I know hate using condoms. In fact, they are allergic to latex and can’t even wear them. This started to seem a bit suspect to me.


The next question I was presented had to do with my age. I’m not sure why they wanted me to be 24 years or older. Apparently, they try to make it seem like they don’t accept individuals that are younger than 24. I know this is a complete lie because regardless of the answer you give, it leads to the same page.


So, the next question was very strange for a dating site. They wanted to know how I found out about the site. Not really sure why that was important. Even more concerning, one of the options to choose from the list was “Received a Chat message.” If I’m receiving any chat messages that are not warranted then I’m skeptical from there on out. Thankfully I didn’t find out about this from chat. Actually, I didn’t find out about this site from any of the options provided.


Local Flirt Buddies then asked to select the age group of women that I was most interested in hooking up with. Of course, I chose 25 to 45. I really like to hook up with milfs and girls fresh out of college so this made perfect sense.


The next question I was hit with was related to the type of relationship that I was interested in. Safe to say that you know what I chose. Correct! The first three options on the list below. All I’m looking for is a one night stand and no strings attached relationship. Anything else really isn’t for me.


Finally! I was at the last page which praised me with a nice congratulatory message. I was “approved” to join the site, browse photos, and connect with women in my local area. It was a dream come true (so they wanted me to think).

I entered my email address and hit continue to begin searching. At that very moment, I knew someone had just conned me. I gave them my email address and they redirected me to a completely different website URL!


I was sent to a site called Flirt Local. Just for safety measures, I went through the entire process again and was then sent to a site called XMeeting. What you need to understand is that Local Flirt Buddies is a complete waste of time for you to visit. I can’t say enough bad things about the two sites this one redirects to either. It’s definitely not a process that I can confidently recommend that you go through.

If you want to meet real girls that want to hookup, then I strongly suggest that you attempt to only connect with local girls listed on the sites below. Feel free to read all my adult dating reviews and make your own judgment. I think you’ll find them helpful.