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Sugar Mama
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Being the sugar baby to a sweet sugar mama is a dream come true for many young men. They get to experience a lot of things that otherwise require a lot of efforts (and by efforts, I mean cash) and get to have great sex with a mature woman.

The sugar mama usually knows what her sugar baby needs and makes it happen for him. Not to forget, there is a lot of sex involved between the sugar mama and her boy-toy. The sugar mommies are usually very open to sexual experimentation which is something all guys enjoy. They are also very generous in providing expensive presents, exotic travels, fancy dinners, fine clothes and a lot more.

Why would any guy want a sugar mama?

Being with an older woman is a fantasy many young guys possess, and whether they acknowledge it or not, most of them actually enjoy being doted upon by the older, more experienced woman. And it should come as no surprise that many older women enjoy being with a younger guy.

If you wonder what is in for the lady in this kind of arrangement, it is quite simple actually; she gets to have hot sex with a young, virile male. Yes, older guys are more serious and more experienced, but no matter how well they take care of themselves, let’s face it, they are simply old.

Definition of sugar mama

According to online sources, the term sugar mama is defined as an older woman who enjoys spending money on a younger guy in exchange for romantic and sexual favors. Here’s the official definition by Wikipedia. Before you start judging, this is not the same as being a paid escort, as the primary arrangement is not about the money at all. The younger guy gets to enjoy the benefits that a comfortable financial situation provides, while the woman gets good sex and companionship. To further spice things up, this kind of arrangement is usually with little to no strings attached and can be ceased at any time.

Many older women who enjoy a good financial status and are divorced (or widowed) opt to become a sugar mama to some lucky young fellow, just for the simplicity of the whole deal. These women are usually after the fun of having sex with a younger, more potent man. They have sampled men their own age and decided that they don’t hold any appeal, where the younger, eager men in the prime of their lives present a very appealing morsel.

Sugarmamas are powerful ladies

A sugar mama is usually a woman in power. It can be a woman that has a high-profile job in a company that knows her business and knows how to wield it. She is not afraid of her sexuality and knows exactly what she enjoys, and what is more important, she is not afraid to go after it. She won’t let just about anyone become hr sugar baby, but will often select a guy that shows confidence and a hint of maturity.

Many guys usually go after such a lady, so the competition is fierce. But she is never tempted to go after the first eager young buck she meets; the person she chooses needs to show that he has something special to offer her. Simply because she has probably seen it all and heard all the cheesy, overused pickup lines there are, the guy she will select needs to show charm and aplomb.

If you are after a sugar mama, then you will need to show her that you have what it takes to be with her, a little confidence and cockiness is needed, but too much and you’ll find yourself turned down like never before. Because these relationships are based on sex and other mutually beneficial exchanges, her choice is usually based on the sex appeal and not at all on things like security or the possibility of a future together.

Look for a sugar mom in the right places

The places you are most likely to meet a sugar mama are the ones where rich people go to flaunt their money and wealth. Events like charity benefits, art auctions or estate sales are where older women gather and where it is most likely for you to be introduced to your future sugar mama. These wealthy ladies also frequent expensive casinos, yacht clubs or high-end jewelry retailers.

They usually dine at more expensive restaurants and spend their time at exclusive spas and high-class nightclubs. If meeting a sugar mommy is your thing, then you will have to put in the effort to be where they are.

Getting a sugar mama is easier than ever

As I said above, sugar mommies usually hang out at “rich people” places. But there are plenty of women that are into younger guys and simply don’t have the time to be at charity functions or browse expensive auctions. And there are a lot of guys that are into older women that can’t afford to be at high-class parties.

For simplifying the whole process and facilitating the meets between sugar mamas and their future sugar babies, there are plenty of online places that offer exactly this. The whole thing is very straightforward – you sign up to any of these websites (or to all), make a very appealing profile and explain to the ladies what are you looking for.

It becomes clear what people are after once they join a site like the Sugar Momma or something similar. You can drop any pretense and be forthright and honest in your profile. Most of these sites take a very direct approach for these same reasons, and the whole process of finding the perfect match between a sugar mommy and her sugar baby is very simplified for both parties.

Conclusion: how to make it last

The key for a successful relationship, as the relationship between a sugar mama and her sugar baby rarely ends up with marriage and a happily-ever-after, is to be just the right amount youthful and playful, with a small dose of maturity. The ladies that are into the sugar mommy deal are in it for the youthful way their younger guys make them feel, with a strong emphasis on hot, steamy sex.

Because money is of little concern for the sugar momma, she does not hesitate to pay for anything and everything. If you want a weekend on an exotic beach, you only have to ask for it. In return, you will need to show your respect, treating your sugar lady with praise and of course, give her the most unforgettable sex of her life.

Because sugar mamas are in their more mature years, they are not at all timid in bed. They know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. And it is a strictly sexual relationship, just instead of the guy; the lady picks up the tab – simple yet satisfying.

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